Custom Branding: how to stand out from your competition

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17860213_sHere at ReferLinks FCM, we are constantly espousing the values and importance of custom branding as a way to stand out from your competition. And this is for one simple reason: no one notices ‘me too’ brands. In order to stand out and be noticed you need to separate yourself from the flock with custom branding.
To create a unique, noteworthy custom branding strategy you need the following elements in place:
A Custom Website
Your website is your first impression for many of your potential customers—so having it look like all your competitors’ websites won’t cut it. You need a custom website that properly showcases who you are—and properly displays across a myriad of devices. Custom-built websites take care in every aspect, from inspirational colours to ‘look at me, look at me’ custom graphics, logos and fonts. It will also focus on high-converting content and extras like free downloads, eBooks and videos.
Your website needs to convey your overall branding strategy, which is why custom-built websites are critical. A cookie-cutter website simply can’t offer you the branding opportunities you need to rise above the crowd. You need a custom website that conveys your company’s value and personality—not just your products and services.
Custom Graphics
We mentioned custom graphics above as part of a custom website, but we cannot stress enough the importance of ‘look at me, look at me’ graphics as part of your overall branding strategy. The graphics you use on your website, social platforms and advertising need to represent you as a company, which is why generic graphics detract from branding—they don’t create it.
Branded Social Media Marketing
Your social media efforts should be an extension of your overall online presence, and therefore should be inline with all your other branding and marketing materials, including your website, brochures (and eBrochures), business cards, advertising materials and the like. Internet surfers look for continuity and continuity is only achieved through custom branding across all your marketing and advertising outlets.
While many companies look at blogging as simply a way to achieve SEO and rank higher in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), your blog provides you with an opportunity to connect with your reader. Blogs give you a voice and a personality—which are two of the most critical elements of custom branding. Blogs, especially when combined with a successful social media marketing strategy, create and foster a sense of community around your company—and your brand is only as good as those who recognize it and those who rally around it to support it.
When it comes to how to stand out from your competition—the answer is custom branding. Custom branding gives your company a personality, a voice and values by creating recognizable elements across all your online platforms, from your website to your Facebook Page to the graphics you use everyday.
Curious how to get started on a custom branding strategy for your business? Call us and we can show you exactly how to improve on what you have to create and/or strengthen your brand.

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