How To Create A Year Long Marketing Plan for 2015

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The New Year will be upon us before we know it – and if you haven’t already started working on your company’s marketing plan, you’ll be thinking about how to promote your business. Getting organized to create a year long marketing plan for 2015 is not as daunting as it sounds if you tackle the project in a step-by-step manner.
Create a Year Long Marketing Plan for 2015

  • Put Main Promotions and Events on a Calendar

Depending on whether you do better with an electronic version or you want to go old school and lay it out in pen and pencil at the start, there are likely some “big” sales and events that you have held in the past or have already decided you want to try this year. Put these priority items on the calendar right away, especially if they will be taking up a big chunk of your available marketing budget.

  • Plan Backwards from the Main Promotions

For each one of the main promotions you will be running during the year, think about when you actually need to start planning to make it successful. Do you need a month or two of lead time to put everything in place for a big campaign? Write that down on your calendar so that you don’t over schedule during the lead up to a major promotion.

  • Share the Plan Outside the Marketing Team

In order for the marketing plan to be successful, it needs to be shared with other members of your organization and not kept within the marketing team. This doesn’t mean that everyone in the company should know all the details of the marketing plan, such as the financial details if it doesn’t directly concern them, but that your team should know enough about upcoming promotions that they can be a part of preparing for, and executing, the plan.

  • Be Prepared to Make Changes as you Go Along

Once you start putting your marketing plan into action, be prepared to make changes throughout the year. It’s meant to be a guide, not written in stone. You’ll measure your results as you go and you may decide to modify certain campaigns based on your results.
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