Create Engaging Content with the "Rule of Three"

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Have you ever wondered about the significance and seemingly magical characteristic of the number three?
You know there are always three wishes, three kings, three little pigs, three bears, three musketeers… we can keep the list going. Even when we’re about to do something big like dash before a big run or blow our birthday candle, we always count to three.  It appears like the use of the pattern of three is somehow deeply connected to the way we process information and ideas. It’s also probably because the human mind automatically looks for patterns and well, three is the smallest possible number of components to create a pattern. It is highly likely that we are all pre-conditioned to positively respond to things and elements that are grouped in three.
How does this apply to content creation? Well, simply put, if you want your content to stick in the head of anyone who reads it or watches it (if it’s a video), try using a pattern of three.You’re likely to get a more engaging output.
How will you do this?
If you are writing content that has a list, know that people will automatically be drawn to a list of three items. Why is that? Readers will subconsciously prefer that because they’ll see it as a concise list with only the essence and without any fluff.
If you are going to make your readers choose between ideas or products, present them with three choices. They are more comfortable and more confident in making a decision when they just have three options to choose from instead of just two, which appears limited or five which can easily appear overwhelming.
Even with catchphrases and other famous lines, the most well-loved ones always seem to follow the rule of three. You can write “stop and look” but it won’t have the same impact as when you write “stop, look, and listen”. You can’t use “I came, I saw…” without readers expecting “I conquered” to come next.  What we’re trying to say here is, if you’re planning to use a catchphrase or if you want to make a particular statement stand out and stick, your odds of achieving that is higher if you use the rule of three.
Creating content may not be as easy as 1, 2, 3, but getting the help of people with the know-how is pretty simple! If you are interested in having standout content on your website, do contact ReferLinks Online Marketing!

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