Is Your Content Written for People and Optimized for Google?

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We have said it before, and we will say it once again – if you really want to build an audience for your blog, you have to be smarter when it comes to the kind of content you offer.
Perhaps one of the greatest challenges that content marketers and bloggers face is writing content that is optimized for search engines but at the same time highly appealing to readers.
Some say that SEO is the most complicated topics online, but in fact, SEO content is not that complicated! Of course, you need to fully understand that people actually come first. Yes! People come before search algorithms.
So if you want your business to thrive in your industry, you have to go beyond just writing content. More than that, your content should be able to accomplish your goals: to interest your readers, prospects, and existing customers and second, to solve a problem.
The question is – how does one create content that meets those specific goals? Is it possible to write content that both ranks high in Google result pages and at the same time entertains, moves, or persuades people? Well, that is what SEO copywriting is all about!
First, what really is SEO?
When you key in a search query into a search engine, what do you get upon hitting “enter”? A list of search results of course! Most of the time, we get pages and pages of results that are relevant to the term you used for searching.
Those pages are the outcome of SEO or search engine optimization. Simply put, SEO is the method of enhancing your content so they’ll be more effective for search engines, with the highest rank as the desired result.
Google display pages in their search results list based on the relevance and authority of the particular web page. How is it measured? The relevance of your page is measured by analyzing the content based on factors like how often you use certain keywords in that particular piece of content, among others. Google measures your authority based on the number of links you get pointing to your page. It’s not only about quantity. In fact, quality is the number one ranking factor in Google.
So how do you make sure your content is of high quality? Well, you can keep practicing and honing your creativity until you perfect your writing skills then learn to understand what your audience likes. Then you need to know which words have certain effects on your readers and which words appeal to Google as well. You can do that… or you can have an SEO copywriter!
SEO copywriters are considered the “creative people” of the marketing industry. They professionally write content that informs, entertains, and persuades readers to take action. An SEO copywriter creates useful and fresh content that is optimized for search engines.
If you want your online business to thrive in this challenging times and the ever-changing world of SEO, you have to have fresh content on your website on a regular basis. An SEO copywriter can do that for you.
Where can you find one? Well, if you are reading this, you are already in the right place. ReferLinks Online Marketing can take care of all your online marketing needs, including your content – written for you by our team of SEO copywriters who know just what your business needs.

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