Content Writing 101: Why Duplicate Content Can Harm Your Website

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The first rule that anyone who is writing content knows is that online content needs to be unique. When the same (or similar) content is posted on different websites, it can have a negative impact on your search engine ranking for that page. The reason you are posting content is so that prospective and existing customers can find you online, so having your pages wiped off Google’s map will definitely defeat the purpose of having it produced.

Content Writing 101: Why Duplicate Content Can Harm Your Website

What is Duplicate Content?
For online content purposes, duplicate content is defined by Google as large blocks of content posted on different websites (URLs). The content can be an exact match or have similar wording. It is possible to be penalized by Google under the search engine’s duplicate content policy for having wording that is very similar to that found on another site, even if it doesn’t match exactly.
In some cases, people will copy the contents of a web page and provide a link back to its source to give the original site owner credit. This is meant to acknowledge where the original material came from, but in reality it may hurt the original site’s search engine ranking.
How to Avoid Being Penalized for Duplicate Content
Make sure that anyone who is providing you with content is experienced enough to know about penalties for posting duplicate content. Ask whether they check their work for plagiarism by running it through an online checker to confirm that it is not too similar to content that already exists online. You may want to run your own spot checks to ensure that content being submitted is unique.
If you wish to link to an interesting article or blog post, you will not be penalized for providing a small snippet of its content and then providing a link where a reader can review the entire content for him or herself. You can, of course, refer to the article or blog post using your own words and then link to it without being penalized by Google for duplicate content.
The best way to avoid having to worry about duplicate content on your site is to turn over your blogging to a professional. ReferLinks Full Circle Marketings’ creative team takes the time to get to know your industry and will develop blog topics for you each month. Once they are approved by you, our team of professional writers will write up-to-date, unique content using keywords that will help your Google page rank. Call us today to find out more about our services.

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