Content Marketing for Your Law Firm

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Content marketing involves the writing and the distribution of content that is relevant to the industry. It aims to catch and hold the interest of your target audience while at the same time works toward the strategic fulfillment of your firm’s business needs.
Now more than ever, it is important for your law firm to have a content marketing plan in place. Without one, it will be quite impossible for your website to rank high in search engines like Google. Moreover, if you are already dealing with limited or poor online visibility, the lack of a content marketing strategy will surely lead to an even more diminished online presence – especially since your competitors are most probably expanding their own online marketing efforts right this very minute.
Why You Should Use Content Marketing
Having the right kind of online content on your law firm’s website benefits you in a number of ways. Aside from usually contributing the highest return on investment in your marketing spend, it offers the following advantages, too:

  • Having well-written and authoritative content can position a law firm as an expert in a particular area of law. This authority matters a lot, especially in major search engine ranking algorithms.
  • Regularly creating and posting well-written content on your website can help convince prospective clients that you are the go-to firm. Your content can be that little push that makes them seek you out when they are in need of legal advice.
  • Content can be written to highlight areas of law that are aligned with the firm’s strengths. It can also be created based upon areas of law that a smaller firm or one that’s just starting out wants to extend their reach to. Building content on a specific area will help place them in a position of authority on that matter over time.
  • Regular creation of content can help create and maintain a loyal audience that will be interested in your law firm and your services, establishing your name.

Our Strategy
The type of content marketing strategies that ReferLinks Online Marketing will employ will depend a lot on your preferences. All our services are completely bespoke. We will be able to figure out exactly what the best strategy for your law firm will be by getting to know you and your law firm more.
You can let us know in detail what your company priorities are, as well as your strengths, your aims, and even your weaknesses. Then we will be able to picture what it is that you want and need to achieve online.  Some of the things you will need to let us know include the following:

  • Who your ideal audience would be
  • The channels that are particularly relevant to your industry or company
  • Your specific goals or any specific areas of law that you want to focus on
  • Any competitor with marketing strengths or weaknesses that you have identified

We are assuming that your law firm already has a website (unless you are a brand new law firm, of course) with some content already posted. Before we begin our campaign for you and decide on the best marketing options for your law firm, we will perform an audit on your current site. This will include an analysis of your existing website content to know which content is working well for you and which areas of your website need some revamping.
Various types of content will be created for you with different aims in mind, too. For instance, a page may be primarily written to convert into a lead, to be shared on social media for promotion, and more.
ReferLinks Online Marketing is experienced in providing legal websites with written content.  Our content marketing services are aimed at producing a targeted audience for your law firm’s website. They work best, of course, in conjunction with our range of online marketing services suitable for law firms. Contact us today and we can devise a tailored content marketing plan for your law firm

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