Content Marketing: Homepage ROI–Why you Need Professional Copy Writing

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Content marketing is huge business. Just look at any large corporation’s website and you’ll see carefully-crafted content (coupled with custom web design of course) that guides users through their website, and then converts visitors to customers.
Carefully-crafted content isn’t just for large corporations with million-dollar marketing departments though, even small businesses can purchase great content on a piece-by-piece basis. And many small Canadian businesses like yours can benefit, in a number of ways from professional copy writing…
6 Ways your Business Can Benefit from Content Marketing
1. Product Sales
If the goal of your website is to sell product, then you need great content for two reasons. The first reason is that you need the SEO boost that comes from turning generic manufacturer product descriptions into unique, SEO-boosting sales-oriented descriptions. The second is that professional content is more persuasive.
2. Information & Engagement
Should the goal of your website be to inform and engage the public (if this isn’t your goal—you may want to consider this approach), you need content that captures the readers’ attention in an effective way. Boring content leads to greater bounce rate, whereas great content encourages engagement—which in turn creates customers (and strengthens existing customer relationships).

3. Memorability
Humour, cleverness and intelligently-written content makes a bold impression that is memorable over the long term. If you question this, think of the last website you remember visiting…why do you remember that one over the hundred other websites you’ve visited in the last couple of days?

4. Branding
The point of a website, apart from selling product, is to create a brand—because brand loyalty creates the long-lasting customer relationships that businesses need to succeed and grow over the long-term. And any successful branding strategy is a mixture of website user experience, graphics and content.
5. Operational Efficiency
Great content will effectively express your company’s goals, the features of its products and other elements of your business, and these ell-written explanations cut down on customer-support calls, which increases operational efficiencies.
6. SEO

Rockstar content garners the attention of search engines like Google as its crawlers are constantly on the lookout for exceptional information. Unique, useful content also encourages inbound links, which is another powerful element of SEO. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, content truly is king.
For information on exactly what professional copy writing and content marketing can do for your company, give us a call today.

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