What Does Content Marketing Hold for Us in the Future?

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Facebook has recently released their plan for the next 10 years which focuses largely on Facebook Live and 360 video. It seems like they are agreeing to what many think and say – that video is the future of content marketing. But that is not entirely the case! There is definitely more that you should consider when figuring out your content strategy.
Start-ups Should Think About Their User’s Brand Experience
Businesses should build their brand content to establish their credibility in their respective field. But this requires careful decisions. Does it make sense for your brand to be marketed as a content brand? If so then you should definitely publish content that is attributed to your brand. The crucial thing is to create awesome content. Deliver the right stories that reflect your brand in a positive way. Remember, when it comes to content, quality beats quantity. Imagine yourself in your consumers’ shoes, what would you experience when you encounter the brand online? Does the content or the story enable growth?
Tools Would Still Be Your Best Friend for Content Generation
It is predicted that by 2018, 84% of communication will actually be visual. Thus, as a marketer, you should position yourself as well as your clients at a ready. You may have your trusted tools for these, but it is equally important to be on the lookout for fresher and more efficient ones. One tool you should not overlook though is the one sitting right inside your head. Condition your brain to adapt to the ever changing trends of social media and content marketing. Only in doing so will you be able to deliver the best possible results for your clients.
Social Media Platforms (Most Probably with Live Features) Would Still Dominate
As to which particular social media platform would take the top spot a few years from now, that remains to be seen. Besides, the answer is quite subjective as one set of marketers and brands would prefer some components over others that a different group would deem priceless. Also, we have gadgets and devices to consider when discussing the future of content marketing through social media. We should note though, Mark Zuckerberg himself believes that virtual reality has the potential to be ultimately the most social of all platforms. Something to think about, eh?
Blogs Would Still Be the Content Champion
The tandem of content and SEO as so effectively utilized in blogs still looks bright as we go forward. That is why both big brands and local entrepreneurs should pursue consistent publishing. For one, this is the only way you can please the search engines. Two, well-written content will keep prospective clients coming back, especially if they notice that you are in stride with every change and trend that surfaces. And like we said earlier, content just waters your brand until it blooms as the best flower in your niche’s garden.


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