Content Marketing Hacks to Attract Clients

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Are you finding it challenging or even difficult to get visitors or attract customers with your marketing efforts? Well, if it’s any consolation to you, you are not the only one. A lot of business owners and bloggers out there have no idea how to attract (and keep) clients through content marketing.
There are ways for you to increase your search traffic! Follow these content marketing hacks and reap the results!
Use Clickable Headlines
Having a strong headline is responsible for a huge chunk of your content marketing success. If you want to catch attention, spend some time on creating a fool-proof headline that will be worth clicking, and hopefully, worth sharing.
Inject a Positive Flavour
A content marketing strategy that’s positive generally performs better online. When yours always draw positive emotions, you can expect people to be attracted to your website.
Pay Attention to Your Above-the-Fold Area
Do you know that area of your website that’s visible when your page first loads and before the guest scrolls down? That’s your “above-the-fold” area. According to recent studies, while people will scroll down a page, they will spend about 80% of the time looking above-the-fold and only about 20% below. What does that tell you? Place all the important elements that can attract potential customers above-the-fold!
Reach Out through Multimedia Sources
Multimedia, in this sense, refers to all marketing media that you can use to reach your audience. That means going beyond written content like blog posts. For instance, video content is significantly dominating the web recently. Take advantage of that and incorporate videos on your website! Make use of mobile technology as well to reach the majority of prospects who do online transactions on their smartphones or tablets.
Come Up with a Viral Idea
While you might think that creating content that would become viral is next to impossible, there are actually some things that can get you closer to achieving it. One, of course, is to create and post content that can evoke high arousal emotions like extreme happiness, pain, fear, and more. Think of the last viral content you’ve seen and try to remember how it made you feel. That heightened emotion is what you want to elicit with your content!
Capitalize on the Biggest Trends
Things change constantly. On a daily basis, new products get launched. Every once in a while Google announces an algorithm update. Instead of getting frustrated over these changes, look at them as trends that you can take advantage of. Create valuable posts by writing about new developments that your prospects could benefit from.
Remember that getting traffic and conversions, as well as improving rankings do not happen automatically when you put up a website for your business. It takes constant effort and a lot of creativity and requires much time and attention, too. If you want to be able to focus on other aspects of your business, but you don’t want to compromise online marketing, you can always get the help of reputable professionals like ReferLinks Online Marketing team! Talk to us and find out how we can help your business!

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