Is Your Content Marketing Broken? Here’s How You Can Fix It

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Every day, more and more marketers are creating content, but unfortunately the performance of the average content is spiraling down.
When it comes to content that covers content marketing, it is safe to say that there is no shortage of that either. That’s why some marketers just get frustrated when their content doesn’t do anything. Is it because they have had false hopes about creating content and watching customers roll in? or perhaps they didn’t know enough about optimization? What changes should you make?
First, you have to realize that there is almost no limit in the changes you can try to make when you want to see an improvement in your content’s performance. But here are some foolproof ways you can fix your content when it feels like its broken:

  1. Fix Your Topic First

Know that your content is competing not only with your direct competitors but with every other content out there. It can be overwhelming for sure. If your content is not performing as you expected, perhaps what you are writing ABOUT that is the problem. Have you ever thought of that? For example, if your content talks only about your products and company, as well as their features or benefits, why else would prospective customers go back to your website if they have already read one too many blogs about the same thing?

  1. Fix Your Content Amplification Next

Just having content is no guarantee for success. Every content should be paired with a good amplification plan, especially now that competition constantly increases. Aside from asking yourself what the topic should be, you should also know how people will know about your content’s existence.
The best way to amplify your content is going from the inside out. You can start with your employees, followed by your existing customers, and the potential customers. Through this method you can be sure that the ones who are actually likely to benefit from and share your content get it first. As these people share and start the slingshot effect, your content gains legitimacy too.

  1. Fix Your Format Last

When your customers are asking for lemons, you don’t go and hand them limes. You need to modify your content format based on what the demand is. You should also take a close look at the ever-changing media habits and make sure that you follow accordingly. That’s why it is best to deliver your content in various ways.
Whether your business needs a boost on social media, email, blog, and more, it is always better to leave your company’s marketing in the hands of those who know the online landscape well. If you think your business’ content marketing needs a makeover, reach out to us and we’ll fix it for you!

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