content creation.

At ReferLinks Online Marketing, we take away the fear and time of writing and let you focus on what you do best; running your business!

The website content we develop has two audiences in mind; your customer and Google. We want to make sure that what we’re writing is aligned to your company’s missions, goals, and service offerings so that your customer truly understands what it is that you do. We also structure the content in a way that appeals to Google so that you can be found when searched for your industry’s relevant keywords.

Content writing is a hard task so that’s why we have a professional writing team that does the research about your industry and your business before we even start to write. Ultimately, no one understands your business more than you, so we write the content and give you the ability to make changes to the content your approval before we ever move forward with it.

Once you have reviewed the content we have created for you, it will be up to you to make sure it’s what you’re wanting your customers to read. Leave what Google wants up to us!

We write at $0.20 a word,
at a minimum of 400 words per page.

Content is King! Do you struggle writing about your business?

Blogging Services to Increase Google Rankings!

Another form of content we write for companies is through blogs. As we all know, blogging is a great component of your SEO strategy. Some areas and industries don’t require an aggressive SEO campaign but some do. So, when we met with you, we will determine how competitive your area and industry is and we’ll let you know whether we should blog for your website. Our goal is to always provide fully transparent, relevant recommendations to our clients that benefit you, not us.

Blog Pricing

Starting at

$65/ per blog
Research Blog Topic
Relevant Content
We upload to your site!
Have access for edits