Content Auditing – Where Should One Start?

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Content is the backbone of every brand’s digital presence. It has a major role in reflecting your brand’s specific personality and weighs a lot when it comes to search visibility. Despite its importance, however, it is still neglected by many.
Perhaps a reason for this is the dreaded idea of having to perform content audits. It is a tedious task that takes long hours and countless days of reviewing and checking analytics and looking for coverage gaps, among others. Needless to say, it is a job that not many would volunteer for.
Aside from that, some say that the results of content audits are quite difficult to measure anyway to focus on them. However, it is something that should be a consistent part of your strategy not just for your content but your digital marketing as a whole.
If you are currently managing a small site with just a few pages, the creating a manual content audit could be doable for you. With your keywords and URL, you can see where your brand ranks and which pages rank for those keywords.
You can make a human assessment and check factors like URL optimization, meta description, and title tags to see how optimized your site is for searches. Add insight from Google Analytics and other tools for social monitoring to see how each page of your site contributes to customer search. If there is a page with too high exit rates, then it may not be serving your customers.
For those with bigger websites however, it would be better to take a more algorithmic approach to auditing. There are content optimization tools that can identify success areas and areas that require improvement.
The factors considered by this approach include the ones we also check for manually, plus engagement factors like bounce rates, social engagement, and brand awareness. This approach is invaluable in such a way that businesses would know where they need to focus more efforts and resources on.
When a content audit is done properly, not only will we know where to throw in a couple of keyword-filled paragraphs but more so, think about how we can also enhance overall user experience. We want to enhance customer journey, not hinder it.
Conducting audits regularly will allow you to monitor the effects of any changes you make to better understand how your new content is contributing to your brand. Remember that your main goal and the purpose of your audit is to be able to continuously provide value and bring about the best possible experience for everyone who visits your site.

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