Client Retention: How Your Online Presence Can Gain You New Customers And Keep Them Loyal!

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Your online presence should guide your leads from being ‘unknowns’ to committed customers. Every piece of content you create and publish has the potential to either gain you new customers, or keep the current customers you have loyal. In other words, your online presence can help you make more money.
When building and maintaining your online presence, there are countless tactics and methods you can use that can help. Below are three major areas where you can build your online presence and lead to getting and keeping loyal customers.
Web Design
Ugly websites suck. Literally. Some companies can get away with having an ugly site because that’s their brand, but for the other 99% of businesses that have an online presence, a website can be optimized visually to draw in potential customers. Of course, this means that if your site doesn’t look as good as it could (or worse, if your competitors have a better site), you could be losing money. An attractive, responsive website that is targeted to your potential and current customers will draw your audience in.
For customers you already have, your website needs to be optimized so that it’s easy to find information, get in touch with you or your customer service department, and / or make additional purchases. If it’s not easy to do these things using your website, your customers could decide they’d rather spend their money elsewhere.
Depending on your business, the right Search Engine Optimization strategy will attract new customers to your site and keep them there because ultimately they find what they’re looking for. Not only that, but by using SEO to build your online presence, you make sure those customers keep coming back to your site for more information related to your topic of expertise.
After your lead becomes a customer, using SEO will ensure that they continue to come back to your site for more information and resources that eventually turn them to loyal customers. Ideally your SEO strategy is built in stages, for every phase of the customer journey.
Social Media
Being authentic on social media is the proof that shows your potential customers you are who you say you are. It’s where customers decide whether or not they like you, or at least whether or not they’re okay with buying from you. Luckily enough, it’s not difficult to publish on social media. The more difficult part is being consistent. But if you can be authentic and be authentic often, social media can help turn the browsers into customers.
For customers who have already subscribed, followed and liked, your social media presence becomes a bit of a security blanket – they expect your regular updates, they want to get information related to your products and services first, they want to know about and capitalize on special promotions and be rewarded for being a paying customer, or customer who has paid.

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