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Practical Reasons to Do Pay-Per-Click

Are you a little hesitant about trying pay-per-click marketing? Do you want to be sure that your investments are always worth your money and time?   Digital marketing is thriving right now and every business is trying its best to stand out and be noticed by prospective customers online. It is critical to be leading

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What Do Millennials Think of Advertising?

Years ago, back when things were much easier to understand, marketing logic was simpler, too. You want the attention of younger customers? Give them more advertisements and they’ll happily do what you intend for them to do. Unfortunately, those days of simple marketing are long gone. Now, it seems like reaching out to a younger

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Why It is Important

With the surge of different platforms for digital marketing including blogs and social media, some businesses tend to overlook one of the most effective models of internet marketing: pay-per-click.   You may already have an understanding of how pay-per-click campaigns work, but for those who don’t, let’s quickly define it. Essentially, it is like buying

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The Four Questions that Come Up in PPC Advertising + Our Approach to Getting Answers

It’s a big deal when you’ve finally landed on your keywords. As a small or medium-sized business, finalizing your keywords means you’re ready to go out into the world of search marketing and optimizing your content. The fun doesn’t stop there, though. Once you’ve settled on your keywords, you have to take a serious look

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