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5 Email Subject Line Elements That Will Help You Get More Clicks

If you are like most people these days, you are probably getting a lot of emails every single day. With the chaotic mix of personal emails from your mother, to discount coupons, to newsletters, to social media notifications, it is no wonder that many find it tedious to read them all or even open them!

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Add Value to Your Email Marketing Campaigns

It is a long-known fact that email marketing is among the most powerful tools that are available to marketers. For most business owners and marketers, the question is no longer how you can use email to your business’ advantage, but how you can take this great channel to another level. There are ways to create

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How to Send Emails that Your Customers Will Care About

Did you know that over 205 billion emails are sent each day? That’s a lot of emails.   How do you make yours stand out then?   Think about every customer’s relationship with your business. That way, you can send them emails that are truly relevant to them. Here are some ways to make your

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Must-Try Digital Marketing Strategies

Three months into 2017, how are you and your marketing resolutions? If you are like most of us, then you probably haven’t lost hope and still believe that you can make this year the year you change the game.   How exactly are you going to do that? Here are some strategies that experts intend

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How to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance

How is your email campaign doing?   In most businesses, email marketing is among the most efficient strategies for driving sales. But how do you actually know if your email marketing strategy is affecting you positively? The truth is it can be difficult to know how your strategy is really working until you are able

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How Social Networks and Other Marketing Channels Affect this Shopping Season

  Christmas is finally here! With the holiday season arriving, where do you get your ideas for this year’s presents? Do you ask your family and friends? Do you browse through magazines and brochures? Or like the 8 out of 10 consumers, do you turn to social networks for shopping guidance for the holidays?  

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The concept of Omnichannel between devices to improve the performance of the company. Innovative solutions in business.The concept of Omnichannel between devices to improve the performance of the company. Innovative solutions in business.

Omnichannel VS Multichannel Marketing – What's the Difference?

You may have heard of the term “multichannel” marketing awhile back, and now, before you even get to fully understand what it means, here comes yet another term – “omnichannel” marketing. Yes, it seems that when it comes to this fast-paced digital environment, the only thing faster than the advancement of technology is the fresh

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What Personalized and Dynamic Email Content Can Do for You

Far from being a static channel like it was perceived by some in the past, email marketing, specifically real-time and dynamic ones are boosting a brand’s edge today. That is for good reason, too. There is just a lot to be gained when you utilize personalized dynamic email.   Dynamic email marketing can really set

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