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Content Marketing for Your Law Firm

Content marketing involves the writing and the distribution of content that is relevant to the industry. It aims to catch and hold the interest of your target audience while at the same time works toward the strategic fulfillment of your firm’s business needs.   Now more than ever, it is important for your law firm

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How Visual Content Can Drive More Traffic

When discussions are about online marketing, you’ll hear marketers talk about how content is the backbone of a successful campaign. However, nobody can ever deny the power that visuals have especially on social media.   For one, the right kind of visuals on social media means an increased chance of getting your content shared and

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Client Retention: How Your Online Presence Can Gain You New Customers And Keep Them Loyal!

Your online presence should guide your leads from being ‘unknowns’ to committed customers. Every piece of content you create and publish has the potential to either gain you new customers, or keep the current customers you have loyal. In other words, your online presence can help you make more money. When building and maintaining your

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Web Design 2015: What Trends Are About To Break Through For Websites That You MUST Be Aware Of

Web design is a constantly evolving media, and Internet users are constantly on the lookout for the latest and the best online experiences. If your site is due for an upgrade, here are some trends that are about to break through that you must be aware of; you will want to evaluate whether some (or

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Why producing an e-brochure is revolutionizing the way companies are doing business

Why producing an e-brochure is revolutionizing the way companies are doing business If you’ve been involved with Internet marketing for any length of time, then you know that some of the more effective ways of marketing combine the old and the new. That’s one of the big reasons why producing an e-brochure is revolutionizing the

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Custom Websites vs Template Websites

Why building a custom website beats template sites every time When you’ve got an Internet related business, it goes without saying you want to have an edge on the competition and that’s one of the bigger reasons why building a custom website beats template sites every time. Fair enough you might say, but I’m in business and

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Small Business Website Design

Here’s a few tips for a winning small business web site design Ask anyone familiar with online business and they’ll tell you that regardless of whether you’ve got a home base in Vaughan, Mississauga or anywhere in between, the website is the modern business card. That said, there are a few tested criteria that will

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