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The Importance of Re-Engaging Dormant Customers

Every business spends time and money on acquiring new customers. This is important. After all, the growth of a company is largely dependent on the growth of the number who purchase their products or avail their services. But is customer acquisition the sole factor in building a successful business? Not at all. The truth is,

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Can Consumer Psychology Help with Your Conversions?

Let’s admit it. More often than not, the eyes dictate first impressions. That includes our first impressions of websites – the layout, the colors used, the fonts, the images all play a big role. The design really matters. Ticking the checkboxes in the mind is truly important. As far as design goes, there are certain

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What Features Should Your Small Business CRM Have?

In this competitive market, it’s not just small businesses that need to master the art of managing customer relationships. Now, businesses from all industries, big and small, work hard to nurture their relationships with their customers. However, it is true that it means it’s even more important for a small business to exert extra effort

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Why You Should Not Neglect the Post-Sale Stage

When you are a business owner, it’s very easy to get focused on making a sale and gaining new customers that you tend to overlook a very important part of the cycle – the after-sale service. See, while a huge part of your company’s success depends on getting new customers to notice your products and

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Digital Marketing for Your Home Improvement Company – Do You Need One?

If you are in the home improvement industry, then you know that the competition can be really stiff. While a little competition does make things more exciting, you won’t be so thrilled when you begin to notice that your competitors are getting ahead of the game. If you have experienced this or you’re going through

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How to Ensure a Successful Referral Program

What is referral marketing? Basically, it is the process of promoting one’s services or products to new prospects through word of mouth. Offering great referral rewards can help motivate your customers to interact with you o a regular basis and to talk to others about your business. Of course, this leads to additional revenue for

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Keep Your Social Media People Powered

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Customer Experience Strategies That Could Work Wonders

Are you worried about your customers drifting away? Do you instantly assume that there’s something wrong with your services or products? While it is important that you always make sure what you’re offering your customers are of the highest quality, don’t forget that there may be another reason behind the slow drop in customer number

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