Can Personalization Improve Mobile Site Speed?

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Do you still remember those long gone days when staring at the modem and waiting for a page to load were the norm? During those times, a five to ten minute wait time was not convenient but there was nothing to be done about it.
Thankfully, we now live in a world with broadband that is super fast. The downside, perhaps, is the everyone is more impatient than ever.
Another big change is that consumers of today want to do more if not most of their purchases and transactions via mobile. And they are not willing to wait for slow connections and web pages that take too long to load.
Typically, a mobile site takes about 15.3 seconds to load. It might not sound too long, but in fact, it is 12.3 seconds too slow. That is right. In fact, 53% of consumers say they will abandon a mobile site if it takes longer than three seconds to load!
However, it is the businesses and not the consumers that are at a disadvantage here. Because of a very competitive marketplace, consumers need not wait. There are many other sites to choose from if one fails. The challenge for businesses is how to succeed in such a demanding environment.
Consumers are looking for a great experience on mobile – which is not the same as what they get on a desktop. What works on a desktop won’t work seamlessly on mobile. For one, it would be difficult to navigate and other elements like large images and videos could affect the speed of a mobile site.
Personalization Can Help
The internet is an extremely vast space. A single website for a retail store can provide thousands of options. But customers are not just looking for options. They want fast loading and an overall speedy experience that allows them to achieve what they want to do in the first place in just a matter of seconds and not long minutes.
You’ll find that some retail websites now encourage customers to set their preferences. This personalization process helps them give customers what they are likely to want and need without having to go through thousands of options.
Provide Support Services
The standard for page load time is three seconds but those seconds can still pile up when your potential customers have to go through several pages. You should consider having a platform where you can start a direct conversation with the user. You can provide the option of a text chat to help guests navigate your website and get them on the right page faster.
It is true that a growing number of transactions happen via mobile but it is still a part of a multi-device process. It would be a good thing to have a shopping basket that remembers the shopper’s choices even if he or she is using a mobile phone, a tablet, or a laptop. In a sense, this will allow a shopper to keep the momentum in his or her purchase journey, no matter what device is being used.
When it comes to satisfying customers, everything has to be fast from the first time they open your website to fulfillment. Personalization and streamlining the mobile experience can help you deliver this.
Is your website not delivering the results you want? Do you think you need help improving your mobile site speed? Reach out to ReferLinks Online Marketing today!

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