Can Consumer Psychology Help with Your Conversions?

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Let’s admit it. More often than not, the eyes dictate first impressions. That includes our first impressions of websites – the layout, the colors used, the fonts, the images all play a big role. The design really matters.
Ticking the checkboxes in the mind is truly important. As far as design goes, there are certain aesthetic elements that are more persuasive than others. You should take these elements into consideration, especially if you expect your visitors to take some action when they are on your website.
Combining your practical experience with brain science can give you a deeper understanding of how and why consumers behave the way they do, and perhaps more importantly, what you can do to actually get them to do what you want.
What Exactly is Consumer Psychology?
Understanding the manner and the reason people evaluate objects and certain situations are one of the primary goals of consumer psychology. Several studies tell us that the evaluations and the choices made by consumers are not only driven by the quality of an object but by other internal factors, as well.
People leave a website for a number of reasons. If you are in luck, they’ll find their way back and finish what you want them to do. But this is a really rare occurrence. Most of the time people will forget about a site they leave the moment they hit that ‘x’ button. Most brands spend a lot to have the opportunity to re-engage those abandoners.
Understanding the Primacy Effect
DId you know that when you have to make a choice from a list of items, your brains will remember the first couple of things a lot more than the ones on the other end of the list? That’s true. Those that are at the top of any list are considered more important. One reason behind this is the fact that you are more alert at the beginning and drift off later on as your brain becomes tired.
Design Your Website for Humans
One concept that many tend to overlook when building websites are that they should be designed for humans and specifically for your target market. Think about it. Is your website designed to engage visitors? Does it push guests into taking action? However, remember that even if your website design makes sense to you, it doesn’t mean that it appeals the same way to your prospects.
Colour is a Big Influence
Certain colours convey different actions and elicit different emotions. It is important that you understand the fundamentals of colour theory.
Simplicity is Beauty
Our brain goes into a “warning mode” when we encounter what we believe is complex. If you think providing your visitors with lots of options can help, think again. Too many options can hinder the process of decision-making. Your guest may even end up abandoning your website because he or she felt a little overwhelmed. As much as possible, use an approach that encourages easy decision making.
Humanize with Friendly Images
There are cells in our brains that only respond to faces and nothing else. That’s why it is helpful to have pleasant images of people smiling while getting your services or using your products on your website.
Understanding the behavioural tendencies of your consumers can help you develop a strategy for designing your website that works with their mental processes.
As you can see, website design is not something to be taken lightly. And even if there are platforms that allow you to create and design your own website for free or for a really small fee, that wouldn’t compare to having one professionally designed by people who take consumer psychology into account.
Is your website helping or hurting your business? One way to know is to call us and have a consultation! ReferLinks Online Marketing can design a website for your business that your target market will love, too!

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