call tracking.

Know how your marketing and advertising campaigns are performing by hearing your call recordings so you can track your ROI

Call tracking is a great way to track all of the calls coming in from your website. It changes the number on your site to a number we will set up for you. It’ll say that your call is being recorded so that the customer is aware, and it’ll record the call. It’s important for your marketing campaigns so that you can track exactly who is coming from your website and if it turns into a sale.

Secondly, you are able to go back to see how your staff is answering your phones and if there’s any adjustments to be made. This is an invaluable tool that can tweak your sales process and improve it for your customers.

Top Features

To Get Started

We create a local number or a 1-800 number available in your area and we get your approval to make sure it’s in fact 100% localized. Then we attach the number to your dashboard so that your reporting can start. As soon as we set up the number, it starts tracking calls automatically! Please know you will be required to have the dashboard in order for you to use this service.

Call Tracking

Track Your Business Calls!

$50per month
Monthly Reports
Get Approval On Number
Attached to Dashboard
Track Your Leads
If you are an SEO client,
the dashboard is included in your monthly package

If you are not an SEO client, there will be an additional charge of $25 a month for the use of the dashboard.