Why Building Social Media Trust Means More Conversion

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Social media has quickly progressed from being this exciting possibility for advertising to being an assumed and expected element of all marketing campaigns. But because social media campaigns are all too common does not mean that you can take a slack and just post your future promotions and sit back as conversions roll in.
But the way social media marketing works – popping up on everyone’s news feeds – mixed with the fact that you’re not the only one with the idea to do so means that for you to get those clicks, you have to do some stretching and earn them. Before you can witness big social media campaign conversions, you should first try and increase your reach socially.
So how can you do that? Here are some tips:

  1. Keep up with what’s going on around you and do real-time marketing. Think of an entertaining way to take on a current event. That would make your social media posts relatable. And as you know, when it’s relatable, it’s shareable. Be careful that you’re doing a plus-one, meaning you’re adding something to the conversation and do it tastefully.


  1. Master the art of hashtags. When it comes to hashtags, it’s either you know how to use it or not at all. There are two major ways to efficiently use hashtags. One is to contribute to a big conversation meaningfully by using existing topical hashtags. The other is to start a conversation by creating your own hashtag that others can share, too. Remember that hashtags are used differently depending on what social media platform you are on. For twitter, you can rarely use more than one, you can be generous with hashtags on Instagram, but it’s smarter to skip it altogether on Facebook.


  1. Familiarize yourself and engage with influencers in your industry or craft you can mention an influencer’s name or a brand on your posts, but do it smartly. And please, avoid spamming the influencers.


  1. Do not waste the clicks and make sure your content is worth people’s clicks. Increasing your reach is not the end of the process. On the contrary, it’s only the beginning. What will really translate into increased conversion would be to increase awareness, by providing content that delivers value.

Only when you are able to gain the trust of your prospective customers will you be able to fully enjoy the benefits of social media as a business. No matter how many posts you have out there if they are of no significance and do nothing to earn the trust of people, they are just that – social media posts. Build that trust though and you may very well be amazed by the increase in your conversion rates.

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