Brand Activation for a More Tailored Content

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Businesses promote their website content through social media, but rarely do they pull customers in the other direction. The lack of a two-way flow means there is a failure to maximize engagement. If you ask us, it’s also putting a lot of potential to waste.
It is very easy to confuse promoting with selling. Unfortunately, knowing the difference is a big factor to your business’ success. Blog posts that go stale on your social media pages are not exactly enticing for consumers. What is worse is that there is a possibility of getting a reputation for low engagement and that would make social media restrict your audience.
You want to convince potential customers to engage. You want to make them see and believe that you are promoting something that is genuine and relevant.
For your content to be effective, it needs to be more than just well-written. It has to be well-seen by the right people, too. You should understand that even the biggest brands, those who are already household names, know that their websites are not viewed continuously by their audience just to get updates.
Understandably, consumers prefer content that is tailored to their specific needs and habits.  It is up to you to know your audience better and use this advantage to come up with campaigns that will turn consumers from casually interested viewers to actual brand advocates.
Brand activation is not that different from word of mouth. If you are able to integrate all your social media platforms, then you can also have consumers show interest, and more importantly, loyalty to your brand. Brand activation allows consumers to interact with you and know of not only your products, but also your values as a company. Keep in mind that these consumers will be very generous in sharing their opinions so you want to make sure that they only have good things to say about your brand and the company itself. That is how household names become what they are after all.
You may feel disappointed or even hopeless when you put all your efforts into your content that is only met with a few views and sometimes harsh comments. Create content that will actively engage those who read it and they will promote it (by sharing) on their own.  Do not forget that a great brand is one that has an even greater connection with its audience.
About two-thirds of consumers state that they’d rather purchase from a company that delivers custom content. It is, in fact, their main reason for following such brands on social media. Engaging your customers will always be stronger than focusing on driving traffic to your site. And while customizing content may need a more dedicated approach during its production, it is definitely worth it.

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