What Bounce Rate Teaches Us & How We Can Improve It

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Before you can begin to think how you can fix your bounce rate, it’s important that you fully understand what bounce rate is. Basically, it is the percentage of guests who visit your website and leave it without looking at other pages on your website. If you check your Google Analytics, you will see a percentage. For instance, if your average bounce rate is 80%, this means 80% of guests who check out your website, leave right after viewing just the one page they’ve entered on.
The bottom line is, if your bounce rate is high, then your website is not retaining its visitors as it should. It’s possible that people come to your website and find what they want but not anything else that they like or they did not find what they want at all. What you want is for those guests to land on your page and be drawn to checkout more if not all the pages in your site.
Is a high bounce rate always a bad thing?
Not necessarily. Think about what your goals for your website are. There are many businesses that prefer not having their visitors browse through their pages for a long time. Instead, they want the guests to take action. Some calls to action that could result to your visitor leaving your website include:

  • Leading guests to your products posted on a different network or domain
  • Clicking on ad banners that lead to affiliate marketing sites
  • Filling out a lead form that doesn’t need to take your guest to another page on your site to confirm
  • Calling your number to inquire more about your products or services

Basically, if your goals require guests to just visit one page on your site, then your bounce rate is not something you need to worry about.
If you need your guests to stay longer on your website, then perhaps you should take some steps to improve your bounce rate. It all starts with Google Analytics. When you sign into your profile, you immediately see your average bounce rate. While this is what you want to go down, it’s not the only thing you need to look into.
Well-Performing Content
Here you’ll also find which pages on your website get the most views in the last 30 days as well as their bounce rate. So you’ll know which pages have the highest and the lowest bounce rates, allowing you to determine which pages need improvement and which ones drive the most traffic to your site.
Top Traffic Sources
Next, check the traffic sources that have brought you visitors that stick around longer on your website. This will tell you which sources you have to focus on if you want to keep people on your website.
Best Keywords
If you want to go deeper, you can also see the keywords that have brought you the most number of visitors through organic search, as well as their bounce rate. Additionally, you can find the landing pages those high-performing keywords led visitors to.
So how you can improve your bounce rate? Here are some tips:

  • Go beyond products or services pages. Some visitors may not be ready to add to cart but they might want additional information. So make sure that there are links to pages with manuals, reviews, or specifications of the products.
  • Add links to more pages within your website. You can incorporate those links in the content or at the very end in an “if you want more like this, then check this out” kind of way. You should also add links to content to your sidebar. These links could include your About Us or About Me page, your top content, or your most popular products or services.
  • Improve your content. If the issue is not just a high bounce rate but a low average time spent on your website, then it’s possible that your content is not providing your guests what they’re looking for.
  • You should ensure that your guests will return to your website by providing links throughout your website to your social media profiles and other online properties. Even if they leave your website but follow you on Twitter or like your Facebook page, then you still have a chance of getting them back.

There are a lot of things you can learn from analyzing your bounce rate. And there are also a lot of things that you can do to improve it. ReferLinks Online Marketing can help you with that! Give us a call today and we can talk about how we can make guests stay on your website longer.

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