Blogs: 5 Good Reasons Your Business Needs Words

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If someone tells you that your small business needs a blog, what would your initial thoughts be?
A lot of business owners are not that excited about the idea of writing a blog. There are just a lot of factors to consider – you are too busy and you simply have no time, you are not really much of a writer, you have no desire whatsoever to actually write, and more. We know, and we understand.
However, you should forgive us if we say it once more – your business really needs a blog!!! It does not necessarily mean you have to personally write it. In fact you can easily find a professional to do it for you. For you to understand better, here are 5 reasons why we strongly believe your business does need a blog:

  1. A blog establishes your authority in your industry. When you display your knowledge of your specific industry on your blog, customers (blog readers) do not only like you, they also start to trust you. And that trust is what you need for customers to purchase from you repeatedly. So be a valuable resource and you’ll be rewarded by loyalty, and hopefully some likes, shares, and tweets, too.
  2. A blog gives customers the opportunity to know your brand a whole lot more. It is part of our nature as humans to buy from businesses that we are familiar with and we feel like we know better. Your blog allows you to develop familiarity with your readers, especially if you become their go-to source of information about your industry. This means that once they are ready to make a purchase, they’d choose your services or products.
  3. A blog is the perfect reason to get social. So you don’t know how to engage with your customers initially? Blog! This is the best way to get your social media campaigns rolling! Instead of sharing what you found on the internet, share what you know and what is yours originally. Share more of yourself and you’ll find more traffic to your site, too.
  4. A blog is the heart of an inbound marketing campaign. If you are able to make one that is both entertaining and informative, you will definitely catch the attention of your customers. Blogs give people a good reason to visit your website and stay there.
  5. Google is all about fresh content. Yes, this search engine giant likes to rank relevant, recent, and updated content. So needless to say, it takes constant updating for a site to remain relevant. When Google has to choose between posting results from one that hasn’t been updated in over six months and one that posts blogs on a weekly basis, you can be sure it’ll prefer the latter. The more content you have, of course, the more chances you have of ranking higher in Google.

You should not let fears get in the way of your company’s growth. Share. Blog! Now!

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