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Blogs are becoming a primary source of information for some online consumers. They gather and trust information and advice found on blogs. Most organizations are putting this approach to good use. Blogging, however, has been affected by shifts in marketing practices as well as consumer behaviour.
Social media is the most common method to promote blog posts, with 93% of bloggers sharing their content on social networks. Bloggers report a general increase in the use of search, paid, and influencer marketing to promote their content. More bloggers are finding more ways to promote their blogs. In 2015, buying traffic through paid services increased to 93%. Email marketing blogs has also increased by 23%, as it has proven to be a cost-effective way to directly connect readers with your content.
53% of bloggers are publishing at least weekly and 85% publish at regular intervals. Compared to the past two years, 6% of bloggers are publishing more frequently. Consistency is important as readers expect you to provide fresh content and it will drive traffic towards your website. Publish consistently but make sure your content is of value.
Approximately 45% of bloggers are using more than one image per post. This is because blogging is supposed to be visual in nature. Especially with longer posts, the multi-image format is gaining in popularity because bloggers want to separate text blocks. Lists are also a growing trend in blog content – they make blogs easier to scan and digest. Studies show that content with compelling visual graphics can generate up to 94% more views.
The typical length for a blog post is about 900 words – this is a 100-word increase from a survey made in 2014. Only 8% of bloggers are writing average posts of more than 1,500 words.
Guest Bloggers
64% of bloggers write for more than one blog. So, even though majority of their content is published on their own site, bloggers recognize the benefits that guest posting offers to build authority and expand reach. Guest blogging is a great way to enhance your reputation as a thought leader. Having guest posts published on top sites in your niche can secure backlinks from other influential and authoritative websites. By that, you can also raise your own blog’s search rankings.
Basically, quality wins over quantity. It’s important to write something of high relevance that includes lists and/or compelling visual elements to make posts easier and more interesting to scan. Always promote your thoughts through email, social media, and if possible, paid services.

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