Big SEO Mistakes You Do Not Want to Be Doing

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This is the scenario:
Your friend, whose business is doing quite well, has told you about SEO and how it has worked wonders for their traffic strategy. So you read up on the topic, hurriedly do your keyword research and of course, found some of the top phrases that are currently driving in huge amounts of traffic. This is all so very exciting for you, so you quickly get your website optimized and get lots of links and expectantly wait for your website to get to that coveted first page. If we’re right, you are probably still waiting.
So here you are now, wondering where you went wrong. Don’t be too hard on yourself! We have been there, too. SEO takes time AND a lot of experience before you can really master it. Based on what we have learned, here are some big SEO mistakes you definitely do not want to be doing. Check them out and see if you are guilty!

  1. You are stuffing keywords – and senselessly, at that! This is probably the top mistake newbies in SEO commit. Of course, Google needs your content to have a clear keyword to target, but to unnaturally use that keyword over and over throughout your whole article? That would surely raise a red flag with a neon sign saying “This looks spammy”. If you think your keyword usage sounds forced, it probably is. Stop that now or you’d be keying in your own downfall.


  1. Your content is not keyword-focused. What does it mean? It means, yes, you have used a keyword but the content itself is just too diverse or totally irrelevant to the topic or keyword. You should always stay focused and on-topic to be able to really address a reader’s concern or need. If you try to optimize for multiple keywords and end up using ones that are not related to the overall topic, that’s going to be another red flag.


  1. You are generating unnatural and paid-for spammy links. The days when it was still acceptable to do this have long gone. People no longer setup private blog networks and link farms to boost results up on Google. Now, it’s all about quality. You’re damaging your brand if you try to do this today, because Google really knows when you’re attempting to game their system.

These, we think, are the top 3 mistakes that you can do with SEO. Which one are you guilty of doing? Do you know any other SEO mistake that people should stop doing?

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