Are Your Competitors Still Outranking You in Google? Here's Why!

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Most business owners “Google” their companies. And if you are one, you know you’ve done it, too. So… how was it? Did you see what you expected to see? If you don’t have an SEO strategy in place, there’s a big chance that the results fell short of what you hoped for. How did it feel to see one or some of your competitors getting ahead of you in Google’s search results page?
Why are other companies outranking you even for multiple keywords?
When someone makes a search query, Google will provide that person with a list of web pages that are most relevant to the search done. How does Google decide which ones are relevant and which are not? There are a variety of factors considered, including:

  • How Secure the Website Is
  • Whether the Website is Mobile-Friendly or Not
  • The Quality and Length of the Content
  • How Fast a Page Loads
  • Whether There are Quality Backlinks
  • If There are Optimized Images

It can be disheartening when you can’t easily find your business in Google search. But you shouldn’t waste time feeling frustrated. Let’s get to the top reasons you are being outranked by your competitors so you can start working on them.
You are Not Posting Enough Quality Content
There are those web designers who favour a stylish design over high-quality content. And while it is important to have a beautifully designed website, your content should not be compromised. There should be a perfect balance between the two. After all, no one wants to be impressed by a sleek website initially only to be disappointed that there’s no relevant information to be found. Do not forget that the reason there are search engines is for users to be able to find answers to their queries. Therefore, if you want your webpage to rank, make sure that you have the best answer to offer.
The User Experience You Offer is Not So Good
How important is user experience? Let’s just say that its importance is growing in Google’s algorithm. That means it highly affects your website’s rank. Google rewards websites that provide guests with an excellent user experience. Metrics like time on page and bounce rate, among others, indicate your website’s ability to engage users. Since it’s difficult to be objective when it comes to judging your own website, it is best to have the opinion of others, especially of experts in the field.
Your Website is Not Working as It Should
As a website grows over the years issues can develop, including bugs and problems with page speed. If you have not updated your website in a year or two, your website may not be mobile-friendly and that could be another reason your website is sliding down the ranks.
These are just a few reasons your competitor is getting ahead of you on Google and other search engines’ search results. Don’t fret, though. You can still take the lead! If you are ready to turn things around, contact ReferLinks Online Marketing and we’ll help you get ahead in the game. Call us today!

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