Analytics: The Different Softwares You Should Be Using For Your Business

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When it comes to your website and online presence, there are countless ways that your profiles and pages can be measured, ranked and compared.
Knowing where you stand online can help you configure your site and profiles to better target your audience and can help you when building content marketing strategies.
Here are seven key pieces of information you want to gather when looking at your site and social analytics:

  1. Rank
    1. How does your site rank, on its own and against your competitors?
  2. Performance
    1. How long does it take your site to load?
    2. How are your links doing?
  3. Traffic
    1. Where is your traffic coming from?
    2. Why + How do they land on your site (ie. Are they looking for something? What devices and browsers are most popular?)
  4. Activity
    1. What do your site visitors actually do when they get to your site? Are they reading your blog or clicking around for general information?
  5. Content
    1. Are you using the right keywords for SEO?
    2. Are your images and video slowing down your site?
  6. Purchases and / or Subscriptions
    1. How many are you getting in a week? Month? Year?
    2. Can you track trends in increases or decreases?
  7. Influence
    1. Friends, followers + fans

Some of this information is easier to find than others, but with most (if not all), there are a few online platforms that will give you this information for free.
There’s no need to find all the platforms online – you’ll never finish measuring and researching that way. Dig into this information now (if you haven’t already) to gauge where you and your business is at now. Then set up some goals of where you want to go in a few years. From there as you go about day-to-day content and social media marketing, you can check back periodically to measure against those goals.
Overall, your analytics routine should include at least two online platforms that will give you the information you need.
Here’s a list of online platforms that can help you measure analytics on your site and social media accounts:
Best for: Site Traffic, Activity, Purchases / Subscriptions, Content
Google Analytics
Alternatives: Clicky, Open Web Analytics
Best for: Site Load Times + Performance
Google PageSpeed Insights
Alternatives: Webpagetest, Pingdom Website Speed Test
For Site Content, SEO, Links / Backlinks:
Open Site Explorer
Alternatives: Ahrefs
For Influence and Engagement on Social Media:
Alternatives: KredPeerIndex

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