Advertising On Social Media: How To See a ROI

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If you are running a business, you need to make sure that you are investing your advertising dollars wisely. No one has an unlimited budget, so how can you make sure that if you are advertising on social media, you will see a ROI (Return on Investment) that will make the effort worthwhile?
Why you Should be Advertising on Social Media

  • Your Customers are Using Social Media

You need to go where your customers are so that they know you are in business and ready to serve them. Since they are already using social media regularly, you need to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other sites. They are more likely to become familiar with your brand through this medium than television or radio spots.
Social media platforms are where consumers are sharing information, asking questions and airing grievances about companies. They are even going directly to brands to find out information (both before and after making a purchase) like never before. Consumers are not shy about telling other people about their experience, either.

  • Social Media is Part of an Overall Marketing Strategy

A company can no longer rely solely on advertising where it is sending out messages and be the only one “talking.” Social media should be part of your marketing budget, but not make up all of your marketing campaign. There is still a place for other forms of advertising,

  • Use Social Media as a Means to Build your Brand

Most of your customers are on social media to stay in touch with friends and family and to follow their favorite brands. Using this model, think of how you can use this strategy to effectively build your brand. You don’t necessarily want to be overly aggressive about telling people to buy from you, but you can tell customers about your company’s culture, its values and the work that you do behind the scenes to look after your customers.
Dont Focus Too Much on Numbers
Building a loyal customer base is not just about page views, video views and engagement rates. While those things are important, you need to start by engaging people with your brand first by offering them engaging content through your social media sites.
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