How to Advertise Using Facebook Ads

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. As of October 3, 2013, 500 million people had Facebook accounts, and about half of that number logged in every day. Choosing to advertise using Facebook ads is a savvy move to promote your business.
Advertise Using Facebook Ads
How to Advertise Using Facebook AdsUnlike an ad placed on a billboard, magazine or newspaper, Facebook ads are highly targeted. They are shown to specific groups of people using desktop and mobile devices.
When you set up your ad on Facebook, you are asked to choose a goal for your campaign. The ads which are created will be designed to help you reach it. Your ads will be placed differently, depending on your goal and target audience.
Ads can appear in the News Feed on desktop or mobile devices. They appear in the right-hand column on desktop computers. You have the option of specifying what you want the button on your ad to say. Use it to tell readers to click on it to “Download” something or to “Learn More” about your product or service.
Page Promotion
If you are new to Facebook advertising, you may want to start with creating an ad that invites users to like your Page. When people like your page, it appears in their list of likes and their friends are able to see it in their News Feed. The people who like your Page will also be able to see the content you post in their news feeds.
Boosted Posts
To reach more people, boost your post. When you use this strategy, the people who like your Page are more likely to see it show up in their News Feeds. You can also decide to expand the audience for the post to engage more people by choosing “everyone on Facebook.” To make sure your page reaches your target audience, add location targeting so that you reach the audience most likely to be interested in the message that you are sharing.
Whether you choose to boost your post or not, keep your focus on making your content interesting for readers. The more engaging you are able to make your posts, the more “likes” you will get for your posts. This will help you promote your business and build a following on Facebook organically.

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