Adding Human Component to Website Design

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A website’s interface can make or break your relationship with your audience. It can easily frustrate a visitor as easily as it can entertain one. Depending on how your website’s interface looks like, it can even delay or terminate the completion of a desired task.
This should not push you back, though. There are ways to reduce or even eliminate the negative aspect of interfaces. The simplest way to achieve this is by “humanizing” your interface. Understanding both the sensorial and the behavioral sides of human beings and putting those into account when building your interface can affect how your business is perceived by your audience in a major way. Skirting around the human component will result only to the alienation of users, pushing them to abandon the interface altogether.
Here are some human elements that you should not forget when building an interface:
No matter what others may say, written language will always be among our primary communication tools. When used in interfaces, make sure that your written words are easily understood by the majority – in layman’s term so to speak. This will help avoid misunderstanding. This is not just about the technical aspect, but also when giving instructions. Your interface should be labeled in such a way that visitors can confidently navigate your website.
Allow or encourage collaboration. If your interface has an avenue for human interaction, it can greatly assist in achieving the goal you have in mind. Get help from others through your interface. This way you can compare or complete a task faster.
If there is one thing that sets humans apart from machines or technologies, it would be our feelings. Indeed, it is a prominent characteristic of a human – a reaction to how he perceives things and how the world perceives him in return. It could prove to be challenging for your interface to express feelings, but you can make it as sensitive as possible. You can make use of messages, visuals like shapes and colours, and more to bring out positive feelings. All these contribute to a user’s experience and ultimately the success of your website’s interface.
We have been telling businesses about this and we will continue to do so because of its importance – we are creating interfaces for humans. We aim to invite, please, inform, and please humans. If we focus on our users and add more human elements to our website’s interface, connecting with the audience will be a much easier feat.

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