How to Include Video in Your Online Marketing Strategy

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We’re years into a new way of marketing now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stand back and appreciate.
In the “old” days, small businesses were clamouring to get attention from what seemed to be a very small pool of potential customers and clients. And for the most part, the big companies had all the money, so they could afford expensive ads, commercials, PR campaigns and afford to pay for premium events.
Now, literally anyone with a computer can create their own online marketing program – and you especially do not need a degree to build an audience.
We’re pretty lucky that way. Consumers do not care if your video is low quality, as long as it entertains and offers a message that is memorable and meaningful. And if we’ve learned anything from Mailchimp, it can be a few seconds long.
For small business owners, this represents a huge opportunity. All you need is creativity. And with a little bit of a budget, you could potentially end up with a stellar video.
But possibilities don’t cost a dime. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing!
If your business makes or ships products, take video of you and your team putting packages together to a favourite song,

  • Follow one of your packages as it’s delivered to a customer
  • If you have an office pet, follow it around for the day and feature a ‘Day in the Life’ video
  • If you offer services, like hair styling or massages, take video of yourself servicing odd customers or objects, like a dog or mannequin

Our video production experts know how to manage each step in making and promoting videos of any size or budget. One of the unique things we can offer as an online marketing company is expertise on all areas of marketing for the web. With us, clients don’t just get a video production team, they get a video marketing team as well.
At this point, having video is an essential part of your online marketing if you want to get ahead of the competition. It’s a simple equation: publishing a video on your site or social media will attract more people to your site and get your visitors to hang around for longer.
So how do the experts at ReferLinks Full Circle Marketing make sure that the videos they produce get results?
First, we look at your business, your brand and your audience. Before creating any video, we need to get a sense in order to be able to create an end-product that fits. We want to know what kind of humor you have and what your audience will respond to, where you’re at with your current video marketing and we’re looking at where and how video fits in your overall marketing plan.
Once we’ve got this information, we start on creating a storyboard and script for your video. At this stage, we’re breaking down what your video will look like based on the information gathered about your business, brand and audience. This step will also help us figure out what will be needed for the creation of the video, such as the set or setting, actors, props or technology required.
After your video is finished, making sure it’s seen by your audience is the next major step. We’re an online marketing company, so it’s natural that we would have this covered as well. We develop a strategy for each channel, based on your overall marketing strategy. This could encompass anything from email marketing to social media to publishing on blogs and major video sharing platforms.
Ready to add video to your strategy? Contact us today to talk possibilities!

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