The 7 Benefits of Custom Websites vs. Theme-Based Websites

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These days there are tens of thousands of website themes available to small businesses—but are they worth the tiny up-front investment they charge?
The debate between custom websites vs theme-based websites has never been more contentious, especially as website themes become stronger and stronger. But—are they strong enough to truly compete with custom websites?
As it turns out—no. Theme-based websites simply can’t compete with custom websites, for a number of reasons…
The 7 Benefits of Custom Websites vs. Theme-Based Websites
1. Customization
Themes, by nature, are out-of-the-box solutions that don’t offer much in terms of customization. Custom websites are customizable from the ground up, and can continue to be customized as you refine your company’s brand over the years.
2. Distinction
The point of a website is to gain larger marketshare by outcompeting your competitors, which is exactly why SEO has become such a huge slice of marketing. Custom websites provide a level of distinction not available with website themes—and they also offer better SEO than themes. For examples of the level of distinction offered by custom sites, compare any of the websites in our portfolio to their local competitors who haven’t leveraged custom web design.
3. Brand Identification
Part of being distinctive in the marketplace is establishing your company’s brand. Luckily, branding has never been easier as creating a presence online offers companies something previously unavailable: exposure. The exposure the internet provides offers you a branding platform that offers the first point of contact with your customers—but branding only happens with a unique-to-you website.
4. Better Flow & Lower Bounce Rate
The reason visual design (web design included) is so difficult (to be successful at) is that creating a coherent visual flow for the eye to follow is hard. Involved in this process is choosing primary, secondary and tertiary elements—and then structuring a design that guides the eye from one to the other.
By providing a natural flow you will decrease your overall bounce rate as it will encourage your users to move on to the next step of the informational process. Themes simply can’t do this because they aren’t structured around your content.

5. Scalability
1Custom-designed websites are entirely scalable, which is why we always discuss future plans with our clients, prior to designing their website. We want your website to grow—and around—your business.
6. Ownership & Profitability
Owning your website offers your more possibilities in terms of growth, and allows you to achieve significantly more ROI. Custom websites owned by your company and the scalability they bring discourages future rebuilds, but encourages growth—which when combined with increased sales can lower your total cost of ownership moving forward.
7. Security
The Content Management Systems (CMS) that website themes are built on are not as secure as custom-built platforms, which leaves your information—and your customer’s information—vulnerable to malicious attacks.
For more information on the competitive advantage that a custom website will give your business—speak with us today.

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