5 Solutions to Reinvent Your Blog

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You’re having coffee one morning when a brilliant idea hits you. What do you do about it? You hurriedly write a blog and publish it as soon as it is done. Now you just wait for it to get those likes, comment, and shares, which will surely come – only they don’t.
Is this scenario familiar to you? If so, you are probably wondering what went wrong. More than that, you are probably looking for some ways to breathe new life to your dying blog.  You’re not the first person to have this predicament. Don’t worry! We are here to share with you some excellent ways to reinvent your blogs.
Try a New Theme
This is one of the easiest yet most important things you can do if you want to revamp your blog. Your content can be really amazing, but if presented in a dud way it’s very easy for guests to just look for another blog. An enticing yet professional-looking theme can help keep your audience on your website.
Talk About the Latest in Your Industry
Who doesn’t want to be kept updated?  It’s always a good idea to provide your readers with the latest news in your industry. You can write about the things that happened in the past month or what’s going to happen in the coming weeks or so.
Inject Some Humour
You need not post jokes! What you need to do is add humour to every article you write. Make it light. Readers appreciate it when they read something and they feel like the writer is just right in front and having a nice chat with them.
Have a Regular How-To
There will always be that unexplained fascination of readers about instructional blog posts. No matter how simple your tutorial is, people will read it, if only to see if you do it differently from them. However, don’t just throw a random how-to article. Stick to topics that are relevant to your industry.
Go Beyond Publishing Blog Posts
Go ahead and visit blogs that have a solid following. What do they have in common? Well, there may be a lot of elements that are common to them, but one of the most obvious ones is how they all reply to comments of readers. People are loyal to those who value them in return. If your readers see that you take the time to listen to them, too, they will keep coming back to hear you out as well.
Reinventing your blog is not rocket science, but it does need attention and creativity. If you believe you need help giving your blogs a makeover, do not hesitate to call ReferLinks Online Marketing! We are always happy to help!

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