5 Benefits of Using Professional Blog Management

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Using professional blog management is a shrew business decision—after all, why not leave blogging to the pros. Pros who know how to write professionally, monitor your activity, analyze your feedback, integrate with your social media efforts and boost your overall SEO. How many hours would it take you to learn—then implement—all of that? The skills of a pro listed above are just a few of the reasons you should be using professional blog management—but the benefits go beyond even those legitimate reasons to include:
1. You Build a Relationship
While blogging is a great way to boost your overall SEO effort, your blog likely isn’t the only material your company has that could benefit from professional, clever writing. By building a relationship with a blog-management company you can also have them write high-converting website content, create super-professional marketing reports, script clever videos and even manage your social media efforts. Starting with blog management can be the start of a great friendship (that will create a more professional company image).
2. Better Call to Actions
Writing compelling call to actions is like teaching a bear to ride a tricycle—it takes time, and talent. Expert bloggers know how to write compelling call to actions that will leverage your blog into higher conversion rates and more leads for your business.
3. Increased, Reliable Content
Blogging over the long-term becomes a chore, and as any homeowner has learned ‘chores’ often get thrown by the wayside. By employing a professional blog management company you have your blogs done, regularly, on-time—over the long-term.
4. Expert Status
One way that Google ranks blog content is based on the authority of the author, with a ranking method established by their Google Authorship program. When you hire a professional blog management team you can choose to have them ghost write under your name—or to use their established Google Authorship to boost your SEO success.
5. Proper Integration
The majority of professional blog management companies also handle web design and social media marketing—which makes them excellent integrators. How well-integrated are your website, blog and social media marketing efforts? Are they all spinning their wheels when they could, if joined together, become a major powerhouse? To find out how well-integrated (–or not) your efforts are—contact ReferLinks today for a free assessment.

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