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4 Content Promotion Strategies

4 Content Promotion Strategies

You’ve written a brilliant new piece of content. You love the headline, the information is unique, and you’re sure your readers are going to adore it. The only question now is how you get it out to them. Here are some smart content promotion strategies to try:

1. Send the Content to Your Email List

If you’ve got an established email list, draft a new message telling everyone about your new post. Include a link, a short explainer, and an image. This is a direct and simple way to get eyes on your content quickly and easily.

2. Share to Social Media

Your social media accounts are gold mines when it comes to promoting your content. For best results, take to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and share your new content several times on each platform. Don’t forget to include an image and rewrite the social post slightly each time, for freshness and increased interest.

3. Mention an Influencer

Here’s a great way to afford your content more reach: mention an influencer. As you write your post, pull in the work of an influencer you admire. When the post is done, reach out to said influencer and notify them of your mention. If you’re lucky (and they like your piece), they’re likely to mention it to their audiences, earning you hundreds of new readers immediately.

4. Submit the Piece to a Content Community

Head to a platform like or Growth Hackers and submit your content there. These platforms are owned by third parties and have a much wider readership (likely) than your company or personal blog. That said, sharing your content on these platforms is often a great way to earn views and re-shares.

Content Promotion Made Simple

Getting your content out there is a critical step in building an audience. After all, if nobody sees your content, nobody can interact with it, and you risk all of your effort going to waste. Fortunately, these simple content promotion tips will earn you more viewers, more clicks, and more shares, starting right now.

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