3 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

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As mobile technologies and social networks continue to rise, customers seem to be more powerful than they ever were. This is not surprising as the latest innovations allow them to stay connected all the time and provide them with information they need in a matter of seconds. Now they are in control of their experience and as marketers we are forced to think of fresh ways to engage them.
To survive today’s harsh and constantly changing landscape, brands need to provide personalized experiences that would reach customers real-time and exactly when they need them. It could be an email confirming a placed order or a mobile push notification that promotes a sale. Either way, it is all about engaging the customers. Through social networks and mobile communication, businesses also have the opportunity to consistently communicate with their customers and create a unique experience for them.
If you are thinking of ways to get the attention of your customers and keep them coming back, then these tips could help you:
Offer Real-Time Benefits So the Customers Will Have More Fun
Find innovative ways to make your product or service more exciting. Provide promotional offers that are relevant and are based on your customer’s specific location. This could easily be achieved by using an effective app that has geo-location technologies.
Utilize Your Social Media as a Tool and Not Just as a Platform
Businesses usually see social media as a convenient platform that they can use to amplify their brand messaging. But why not take advantage of the latest digital technologies and provide more value to your customers? You can analyze data that you obtain from social media and find out about current consumer trends. Use your social media to engage and communicate with your customers – instead of focusing on it as a brand-concentrated platform, turn the attention to customers. Social media is acknowledged as a part of our everyday lives. Create a shared experience instead of just posting updates and photos, too. Keep your customers interacting with you.
Have Some Great Content to Deliver Value
You can educate customers using content. That used to be an under-used customer engagement strategy but it’s recently getting recognized for its ability to enhance customer experience. You can use content to offer more than product knowledge or even customer support. Instead, you can easily position yourself as the trusted expert in your field as you are the one who customers can rely on to help them understand trends or to provide them with “how-to” blogs.
Regardless of the way you decide to build customer engagement, you should know that you don’t need to go big all at once and that starting small can really go a long way. The most important thing is that you deliver a consistent experience so you’ll be rewarded with customers’ loyalty and trust.

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