3 Steps to Getting Your Video Viral

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For most businesses, creating a video that could possibly go viral follows a very vague lineup of strategies that could either hit or miss. It could be based on their past experience or how much budget they have, as well as the kind of concept their creative team is going for.
Some marketing departments summarize the whole process in these steps:

  1. Brainstorm for concept.
  2. Put together a creative team to create video.
  3. Create said video.
  4. Share video.

However, experts will tell you that the whole process of making a viral video for a particular brand does not necessarily have to be based on chance or fate. You could use a strategic plan that factors in engagement and timing to get the initial audience you need to boost your video. They are right. We have listed down three important steps that you should not forget if you want your marketing video to matter:

  1. Strengthen Viewer Engagement

You have to make sure that your video has a strong viewer engagement that would keep the watcher hooked. You don’t have to (and you should not try to) improve viewer engagement by following your “instincts”. That’s what your analytic tools are for. You can show your video to a small number of viewers for reference and optimize that video using the analytic tools that are available to you.

  1. Find the perfect time to release your video.

Observe the leaderboard categories for the type of video you are making for a few weeks or this can be done ahead of time. Take note of the time of day and day of the week when you will need more views to be included in YouTube leaderboards. You can make use of scheduled publishing. This will allow your private YouTube video to be released at your most advantageous time and not a second before.

  1. Keep the fire ablaze.

No matter how viral your video has become or will become, plateau would be inevitable. Yes, there will be days or weeks when things will just slow down. It is best that you have a concrete plan to counteract this. You can use paid ad views or offer incentives for social sharing. This aspect of viral video promotion is often overlooked but you shouldn’t. If you are careful that your video doesn’t lose its spark and fuel it when it’s about to die out, you can actually gain yet another viral opportunity.
Whether or not your aim is to get viral, it is only right that you create a video that reflects you brand perfectly.

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