Month: February 2018

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Do Real Estate Agents Need a Blog?

Whether you are a seasoned realtor or an agent who is still quite new to the industry, having an active blog is something that you should seriously consider. It is actually a strong marketing tactic for people who work in the real estate business if they want to keep a solid online presence. After all,

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Content Marketing Trends to Rule in 2018

For quite some time now, we have proven that content marketing is a lot more than the “flavour of the month”. Rather, it has established itself as a stable yet ever-buzzing digital media platform like SEO and SEM. But like other digital disciplines, content marketing is constantly evolving with the process continuously changing. Today brands

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Link Building or Content Marketing – Which Way Should You Go?

It’s always confusing when you have to choose between two things. Sometimes it can even get frustrating, especially if you don’t exactly know what is right for you and if there’s a lot at stake. Most businesses, whatever the field may be, at one point or another find themselves in a position where they would

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Tips for Achieving a Successful Blog

Who doesn’t want to achieve success? Be it your small business, your company project, or your blog, it’s only natural that you want it to perform really well. Now similar to a business, there are a variety of parameters that can measure the success of your blog – and a lot depends on what success

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