Month: January 2018

How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

As an online marketing company, one of the most common questions we get from our clients is “How often should I post on Facebook?” or “How often should I Tweet?” Before we answer these questions, let’s put this out there first – the most successful businesses regularly post on social media. However, it’s not just

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What Features Should Your Small Business CRM Have?

In this competitive market, it’s not just small businesses that need to master the art of managing customer relationships. Now, businesses from all industries, big and small, work hard to nurture their relationships with their customers. However, it is true that it means it’s even more important for a small business to exert extra effort

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Do You Need to Use Infographics in Your Content?

The level of online technology people have access to today is just spectacular. Just think. Up to 1.5 billion units of content is generated on a daily basis. That’s not including the over 140 million Tweets and about 2 million videos uploaded every single day. With these head-spinning numbers, one can’t help but think –

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Top Reasons Your Dental Website Needs Blogs

Blogging is a nice option for you to have on your dental website. This statement doesn’t hold true anymore. Blogging is not a nice option – it’s a necessity. Blogs serve as a vital marketing tool that can boost your dental website’s performance.  Every blog post is a perfect opportunity to begin and strengthen your

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Why is Google’s First Page Extremely Important?

Since its conception, Google has continuously become the most powerful entity in the online world. It crawls every inch of the web and determines which pages are the most relevant for its users for any topic they can think of.  It has become so powerful that its name is now used as a verb. People

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