Month: October 2017

Engage Your Audience

A Quick Guide to Building Blog Audience

Are you worried that your blog audience is not growing as fast as you hoped? You are not alone. Most bloggers and website owners fear that. What can you do, then? Your strategy should focus on giving what your audience or your visitors need and want. This will not only help you gain visitors but

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How to Build a Deep Connection with Your Prospects

How emotionally connected are you with your customers? A lot of businesses invest time and money on boosting customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and other strategies, but they tend to overlook one of the most powerful tools they can ever have – the emotional connection with their prospects. We cannot stress enough how important it is

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Fix Your Old and Neglected Content Now!

Are you always aware of the content you already have on your site? How often do you audit your site? Are you sure there is no expired content? If these questions confuse you a bit, chances are, your site requires content auditing. But before you do just that, you should first deal with all your

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What is Digital Sharecropping and Why is It a Threat?

Sometimes, you can’t help but feel a little smug about your online presence that we rant out the websites that show your content, even the social media sites where we have outstanding shares and search engines that rank us high. Aside from the fact that those sites and platforms share our content and the astounding

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Create Engaging Content with the "Rule of Three"

Have you ever wondered about the significance and seemingly magical characteristic of the number three? You know there are always three wishes, three kings, three little pigs, three bears, three musketeers… we can keep the list going. Even when we’re about to do something big like dash before a big run or blow our birthday

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