Month: April 2017

Is Product Marketing the New Content Marketing?

Is product marketing the new content marketing?   We’ll give you a moment to figure out how you’d answer this question.   Here’s the thing: product marketing plays a very crucial role in making a very real and integrated content marketing. In many businesses, product marketers see themselves as the experts at talking about their

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Questions to Ask to Streamline Your Social Media Campaign

Ask any marketing expert which marketing channel is the most time-consuming, and you’d probably get the same answer – social media.  What with all the constant posting, sharing, replying to comments, it seems like the whole thing is never-ending.   Wouldn’t it be nice if you could at least cut down those hours of manual

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Why Content Typography Matters

Content typography is like the dress you choose for your information to wear on a reality show audition. Confused? Here, let us explain.   If you want to be the star of a reality show, you won’t show up at the audition wearing a very forgettable outfit. Everyone knows you increase your chances by wearing

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Why Building Social Media Trust Means More Conversion

Social media has quickly progressed from being this exciting possibility for advertising to being an assumed and expected element of all marketing campaigns. But because social media campaigns are all too common does not mean that you can take a slack and just post your future promotions and sit back as conversions roll in.  

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Is Your Mobile Marketing Working for You?

It is undeniable that lately, we do almost everything on our mobiles. This means that we also get to directly engage with brands many times in a day. It is, therefore, no surprise that most companies are now more than eager to come up with a mobile marketing strategy to make the most of this

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