Month: February 2017

VR Technology and How It Changes Marketing

Every single day, the digital world is evolving in one way or another. Virtual reality is just one example of how quick the changes are. Virtual reality is now recognized, not only as a great way for companies to advertise but also as a means for consumers to engage with brands. For those reasons, you

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How to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance

How is your email campaign doing?   In most businesses, email marketing is among the most efficient strategies for driving sales. But how do you actually know if your email marketing strategy is affecting you positively? The truth is it can be difficult to know how your strategy is really working until you are able

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Customer Retention Techniques to Master

Aside from gaining new customers, every business’ ultimate goal is to keep the customers that they already have. Whether it’s in your store or on your website, you would want to make sure that your customers are always satisfied to maintain your success for a really long time.     Okay, so improving your customer

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How to Avoid Video Marketing Mistakes

  Years ago, video marketing was an expensive and quite tedious project. However, with the technological innovations, particularly when it comes to smartphone technology, video production equipment, as well as the accessibility of video platforms like YouTube, almost anyone can be in the video marketing field these days. As you may have expected, this has

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4 Reasons You Should Prioritize Attracting the Right Traffic

When you hear the word “traffic”, negative thoughts probably rush to your mind – unless you are in marketing. In the online marketing world, traffic is a goal and something that we all work hard for. Indeed, if you are aiming for success in online marketing (which you definitely should), you have to show the

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