Month: January 2017

How Do You Define Your Brand?

How do you define your brand? Knowing your brand identity is the first step in a long process of developing brand strategy. When you define your brand, you are setting the stage for all the other components to stand on. This brand definition will help you measure all the marketing strategies and materials that will

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Blogs: 5 Good Reasons Your Business Needs Words

If someone tells you that your small business needs a blog, what would your initial thoughts be? A lot of business owners are not that excited about the idea of writing a blog. There are just a lot of factors to consider – you are too busy and you simply have no time, you are

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How to Navigate the Omnichannel Universe with Ease

When e-commerce became a part of the business world in the late 90s, it was viewed as merely something new and something different. Conventional retailers regarded their purely-online competitors as invaders and not really much of a threat. Those who tried to adapt went ahead and put up a separate division, and used unique set

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Up Your Marketing Game in 2017

If you’re running a business, you probably already know how important it is to build an online brand. (If not, you can read all about it in our previous blog post.) Now that you do, you should be thinking of getting ahead in the online marketing game this year. Here are some helpful tips for

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A Simple Guide to Building Your Online Brand

These days, to be a truly successful business owner is to make sure that your company’s brand and identity is very visible online. Why? Because in this modern world, people live to do business with other people and we do not just tie up with professionals or companies we stumble upon. We choose to work

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