Month: December 2016

Top Digital Marketing Forecasts for 2017

2016 is almost over, and you are probably doing some last minute checking of interesting Digital Marketing Predictions for the coming year. Your thoughts probably lean towards the possible trends, as well as the next technological innovations to dominate the internet market. That is not surprising at all, because naturally, everyone wants to know about

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How Social Networks and Other Marketing Channels Affect this Shopping Season

  Christmas is finally here! With the holiday season arriving, where do you get your ideas for this year’s presents? Do you ask your family and friends? Do you browse through magazines and brochures? Or like the 8 out of 10 consumers, do you turn to social networks for shopping guidance for the holidays?  

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Thank Your Customers with Content Marketing

Thank you. With all the things you tell your customers each day, how often do you tell them these two words? More importantly, how important are these words? Whether you agree or not, customers want to feel and see that as a business, you do care about them and value them – not just their

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The Importance of Understanding Your Audience

When building online presence, it is very important for businesses to connect to their audience. Instead of guessing who your audience is and what they want to read or hear (which may be totally off-base anyway), it would do you better to have a particular audience in mind. Remember that when you send random messages

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Adding Human Component to Website Design

A website’s interface can make or break your relationship with your audience. It can easily frustrate a visitor as easily as it can entertain one. Depending on how your website’s interface looks like, it can even delay or terminate the completion of a desired task. This should not push you back, though. There are ways

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