Month: September 2016

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If Video Is the Internet's Future, Here's What You Should Know

No one can underestimate the great power online videos enjoy now. Its importance has been predicted in 2006 when Google acquired YouTube. Now a lot has changed. Videos, too, have evolved. Are they still going to be the future of internet? Most probably. If that is the case, here’s what businesses need to know and

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3 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

As mobile technologies and social networks continue to rise, customers seem to be more powerful than they ever were. This is not surprising as the latest innovations allow them to stay connected all the time and provide them with information they need in a matter of seconds. Now they are in control of their experience

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What Personalized and Dynamic Email Content Can Do for You

Far from being a static channel like it was perceived by some in the past, email marketing, specifically real-time and dynamic ones are boosting a brand’s edge today. That is for good reason, too. There is just a lot to be gained when you utilize personalized dynamic email.   Dynamic email marketing can really set

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What Does Content Marketing Hold for Us in the Future?

Facebook has recently released their plan for the next 10 years which focuses largely on Facebook Live and 360 video. It seems like they are agreeing to what many think and say – that video is the future of content marketing. But that is not entirely the case! There is definitely more that you should

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Vancouver, Сanada - July 22, 2016: Closeup of a Pokemon Go player capturing a Pokemon on a smart phone. Pokemon Go is location-based augmented reality game developed for iOS and Android devices. It was released in July 2016.

What Pokemon Go Tells Marketers about Augmented Reality

Unless you are living in a secluded area and technology hasn’t reached you yet, you most probably have heard about Pokemon Go by now. This game has taken the world by storm in these last couple of months. In fact, as the modern ones would have it, the world is divided into two – those

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