Month: August 2016

Group of People Discussing Social Media

Why Localizing Your Social Media Posts is a Brilliant Idea

Localization is a term that all marketers hear and use all the time. Marketers and businesses alike know its relevance in making brands stand out. With the focus content marketing is getting, together with the phenomenon that is social media, more than ever, localization is getting more and more important.   As you try to

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Branding Marketing Advertising Identity Business Trademark Concept

How Technology is Used to Deliver Positive Brand Experiences

According to some marketing reports, there should be a shift from our focus on a customer’s traditional journey to purchase. Instead, the customer’s experience as a whole should get more attention.   For a brand to be able to connect to its audience, it is imperative that the experience you provide is meaningful and relatable.

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Business concept drawing on the paper with blue pencil aside.

What Colour Can Do for Your Website

It is no secret that colours can greatly influence our state of mind. In business, way before the internet and websites even existed, entrepreneurs had recognized and acknowledge the contribution of colours to the success of their brands – through colour schemes used in their physical stores, their billboards, print ads, and other marketing materials.

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Transparent ball with inscription audit in a hand

Content Auditing – Where Should One Start?

Content is the backbone of every brand’s digital presence. It has a major role in reflecting your brand’s specific personality and weighs a lot when it comes to search visibility. Despite its importance, however, it is still neglected by many.   Perhaps a reason for this is the dreaded idea of having to perform content

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Close up of remote in hand with shallow depth of field during television watching

What Do Millennials Think of Advertising?

Years ago, back when things were much easier to understand, marketing logic was simpler, too. You want the attention of younger customers? Give them more advertisements and they’ll happily do what you intend for them to do. Unfortunately, those days of simple marketing are long gone. Now, it seems like reaching out to a younger

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