Month: July 2016

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Big SEO Mistakes You Do Not Want to Be Doing

This is the scenario: Your friend, whose business is doing quite well, has told you about SEO and how it has worked wonders for their traffic strategy. So you read up on the topic, hurriedly do your keyword research and of course, found some of the top phrases that are currently driving in huge amounts

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3 Steps to Getting Your Video Viral

For most businesses, creating a video that could possibly go viral follows a very vague lineup of strategies that could either hit or miss. It could be based on their past experience or how much budget they have, as well as the kind of concept their creative team is going for.   Some marketing departments

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Social Media VS Traditional Media – Who’s Wins This Round?

If, like most businesses, you are wondering whether you should invest in traditional advertising or give social media a try, then this post is perfect for you. We are going to compare the two with an important point that really matters to businesses – how they reach their audience. So, in the battle of these

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Why It is Important

With the surge of different platforms for digital marketing including blogs and social media, some businesses tend to overlook one of the most effective models of internet marketing: pay-per-click.   You may already have an understanding of how pay-per-click campaigns work, but for those who don’t, let’s quickly define it. Essentially, it is like buying

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What You’ll Learn from Viral Blog Posts

Only in the marketing world is the word ‘viral’ embraced and hoped for. Why not? Just one ‘viral’ blog post can automatically make your website known and your business brand would create such a buzz that it could overwhelm you. What do these viral blog posts teach us? We have looked at some of the

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