Month: June 2016

Businessman pressing Business Blog button at his office. Toned photo.

How Blogs Generate New Leads

One of the primary reasons entrepreneurs create and maintain blogs is to generate leads. But how does it work really?   Here is a quick run-down on how blogs generate leads and help your business as a whole:   Blogging contributes to your inbound marketing efforts in a major way. How, you ask? Well, businesses

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social network doodles and scribbles

How to Build A Steady Relationship in Social Media

When it comes to gaining success on social media platforms, especially for business pages, most people would jump into thinking that there are special tools that you could use, or there is a secret formula that you follow religiously. That is, however, not the case. In fact, the reason some people are so successful on social

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Starting a business blog

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Business Blog

By this time, you probably already know how blogs can affect your business in a positive way. There are a lot of options for you to consider when it comes to functionality and design of a business blog. But there are a few elements that can really make a huge difference in making your blog

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Alphabet, background, big for visual content

How Visual Content Can Drive More Traffic

When discussions are about online marketing, you’ll hear marketers talk about how content is the backbone of a successful campaign. However, nobody can ever deny the power that visuals have especially on social media.   For one, the right kind of visuals on social media means an increased chance of getting your content shared and

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Facebook: A thumbs-up gesture of human hand with word "Like"

Facebook Tools Marketers Should Consider

Everyone wants to make the most out of their Facebook marketing campaigns. It may seem easy to onlookers but the truth is, only marketers know how frustrating it could get. Some know they should make changes to improve visibility and traction for their posts but cannot think of a specific change that should be done.

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