Month: May 2016

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Your Business Needs Blogs to Succeed

If you are reading this, it means you probably have a business, and a.) You don’t have a blog yet and you are not that sure if you need it, or b.) You have a blog but you’re not that sure how it works. Well, you might have heard this elsewhere but your business needs

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What Does It Take To Be on Social Media?

When you ask yourself the question “What does it take to be on social media?” we all know you are actually silently screaming – Let my presence be known! Please!!! That’s an assumption, because well, you know it’s pretty easy to setup a social media account. The real challenge is how to catch the attention

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Man with his tablet with different marketing terms

PR Is NOT Advertising

A lot of people confuse PR or Public Relations for Advertising. Some people even study one in college only to realize they were actually interested in the other one. Worse still, there may be some who apply for a PR post when they expect to do advertising. But really, how are the two different?  

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Reasons Why You Are Not Connecting To Your Market

You are excited about a new product you are marketing. You have designed strategies carefully. You have even created surveys. For some reason though, your strategies don’t seem to work. You are not reaching your market. Why? What could you be doing wrong?   What tools are you using? With the advanced technology we have

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Easy Steps to Writing a Successful Blog

Web logs, or simply ‘blogs’. For some time, blogs were merely a personal avenue for people who want to write about things that interest them – experiences, travels, events, food, etc. It’s like only yesterday when some professional writers looked down on bloggers for the latters’ obvious need of a good editor. However, marketers, smart

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